You Are Capable Beyond Measure

So why do you feel unsure about what you’re supposed to be doing? You have desires burning within you but are unclear what steps to take to make them a reality. Enter Manifestation. 

Manifesting is an approach to life that recognizes that you have a direct connection to Universal Intelligence. It’s based on science, psychology and energetics. Not magic. By getting aligned with your true self you can live the life you've always desired. Manifest It! online course will show you how for less than the price of a pair of Lululemon leggings.

Get Crystal Clear

Understand what you really want by uncovering the way you want to FEEL. Kick confusion to the curb with a clarity inducing writing assignment that will unlock your core desired feelings which contain the road map to your future.

Stop Playing Small

If getting what you deserve and investing in yourself feels like a luxury then your subconscious is sabotaging your manifesting efforts. Learn how to identify and rewrite your limiting beliefs so you can finally get out of your own freakin way.

Overcome Fear

Change takes courage and we often fear what we desire. What if you felt supported and cheered on? Wouldn’t that make it so much easier? Join with the Universal forces working in your favor as well as a community of like minded souls. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. 

Learn To Receive

Are you always giving, doing, being there for others? That makes it impossible to receive the signs and opportunities coming your way. Learn concrete steps to create space even on your busiest days to instantly align with your true self without having to go to an ashram.  

"I have worked with Bianca for quite some time now and am always so grateful for her guidance! She is a calm voice of reason while encouraging me to think past the blocks that occasionally present themselves and even past what I think I am capable of. Because of the work Bianca has taken me through and continues to guide me on, my business has stretched to encompass more than I could have imagined. Both personally and professionally, Bianca has helped me navigate some of the trickier situations I have had to get through. She is kind and compassionate and takes action."

Client, New York City

Here's what you get with Manifest It! Online Course

Video Interview + MP3

Soul Centered Biz Coach, Brit Taylor and I walk you through the 4 step manifesting formula. We also share our personal stories and do's and don'ts to save you from making the same mistakes we have. Grab a tea and join our cozy convo or listen on the go. 

Fun Worksheets

If you like to highlight, I've got your covered. Enjoy downloadable worksheets for writing assignments guaranteed to give you clarity and help you apply each skill instantly. Research shows that writing down new info long hand helps you learn! 

Guidance + Inspiration

Each section includes an explanation of the mechanisms behind every step of manifestation. I infuse psychology, science and spirituality to help you deeply understand how it works, why to works and why YOU can do it. Think of me like your personal mentor and cheerleader. 

New Moon Manifesting Ritual

I had to add this as a bonus for you! My personal New Moon Manifesting Ritual will help you supercharge your manifesting efforts by synching them with the new moon. You'll also have a system to keep track of your progress. After all, you are made primary of water so the moon affects you just as it does the tides. 

Is this course for you?

Not if you're on the fence. Manifesting takes 100% effort. You don't have to believe in everything just yet but you do need to be willing to believe in yourself. We offer a money back guarantee. If you complete all of the writing assignments within 7 days and don't feel any closer to manifesting your desires we'll ask you to submit your completed assignments for review and give you a full refund.

Ready To Learn The Real Secret Behind Energy?

For less than the price of a pair of Lululemon leggings you can unlock the life you've been dreaming of. Yes you are that powerful.

"Working with Bianca has been an unbelievable gift. I always wanted to integrate mental health and spirituality for my healing but could never find that perfect combination until I met Bianca. I am so grateful to her and the transformative breakthroughs I have when we sit down to meet. "

Client, Los Angeles

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